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June, July, Jenga!

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A waitress in Widnes had a weakness for witnesses.
During Jury Duty, Judy (her name) judiciously jostled Justin (his name).
Justice was done.
Judy was jailed; Justin just jumped bail jauntily.

Judy was duly declared non compos Mentis (she never meant to buy compost) and released…
An album of jumping jive gaolbird songs;
Whilst Justin just gave in to his journalistic tendencies
And wrote juvenilia
Even though he was jeopardising,
Unjustly, Jelly, Jam and Jenga –
His three children.


June (2015)


We spend a whole month caressing and nurturing May
And then, one day, all too soon
It’s June!
And we have to start from scratch
To match
Our efforts of last month
To this.
What is the world like?

NB Please try not to answer my rhetorical questions, it confuses me – thank you.