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A World of Woe!


A man walks into a laundrette and asks the lady there: “Have you got anything that will remove nasty stains from society?”

The lady replies: “Splinge!”

“Splinge?” Queries the man.

“Yes – and now with added Gribble-Tang!”
NB The World’s Woes cannot be easily solved – but, a laugh can help you to deal with a little of them for a little while – I try to see the lightness when all around may be less than bright. G:)

Ode to a Deer


Ode to a Deer

Oh, deer

I compare thee to?
No idea?



Joke Try-Out 1 (Chalk)

In fact, I bought two!

In fact, I bought two!

She said that her writing was: “Better than mine – buy a long chalk!”

So, I bought some long chalk and went back to the blackboard.
It didn’t help.

Rebecca’s In(n), Jamaica.


“I’ve never been to Jamaica Inn…”
There’s a poem there
But, my brain is not in
(I called it and left an answerphone message; hopefully it will get back to me later – of its own accord!)

And there’s a joke there, too.
Just mentioning it in case you hadn’t noticed
Because, I don’t do jokes
And I definitely don’t do subtle.

At The Bakers


I went to the bakers this morning;
I bought a small farmhouse, a cottage and a Tiger stick…
I only went in for some bread!

A Joke that doesn’t work on paper

Cute white chinchilla (2)

Question: “What do you call a Chinchilla with no ‘i’s?”

Response: “I don’t know; what do you call a Chinchilla with no ‘eyes?’ “

Answer: “A Chnchlla!”

See what I mean?

But, it does work verbally. It’s not easy to say ‘Chnchlla’ but the punchline works much better when spoken.

There are other animals that this joke might work just as well for (verbally) and quite a few that it wouldn’t work for (Zebra, Elephant, Badger, Fox, etc.) and some where you could say…

Question: “What do you call a (insert animal here) with one ‘I’? (such as Giraffe, Lion, Tiger)

Response: “I don’t know; what do you call a Giraffe (for example) with one eye?”

Answer: “A Giraffe!”

Not funny either verbally or on paper.

There are occasions where it will work as in:

Question: “What do you call a Deer with no ‘i’s?”

Response: “I don’t know; what do you call a Deer with no ‘i’s?”

Answer: “No eye deer!”

Which is better.

So, a lesson can be learnt from the above – though, what it is, I (like a poor detective), haven’t a clue.

And the reason for my telling you this – well, I just thought that I would share with you a little jocule (small joke) that I dwelt upon this morning.

NB For further reading check up on ‘Minute’ by M.Y. Newt