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Theatre of Ops



In my Theatre of Operations
I have no qualms
Whatever a qualm is;
I also have
In addition
A slanted view of reality
Unlike some
Whose only deviation
From the norm
Is their predilection
To predict prurient peccadilloes.
However, that is just my wordplay
And not their concern.
For, as the sun of life rises
Over the planet of living beings,
Let there be light-heartedness,
Frivolity and a general air of levity with a side order of giggles and a
Mirth of merriment to follow.

NB a fine glass of bubbly personalitié will wash it all down a treat

Apprehension of Limey Rick imminent

I now have a pressing engagement

To put words on the page of this vagrant

Before he gets home

And finds I’ve writ this tome

And turfs me out onto the pavement



Limey Rick

Limey Rick woz ‘ere

Limey Rick

The verb of today is ‘to frape’

Left his tablet logged in, so as jape

I thought I would show it

Words from this great poet

And hope I don’t need to escape


Walkus 58-59 (Anyone? & game, Set and Match!) by Vega & Haiku

haiku-poetry wal-kus edit 2

Walku 58 (Anyone?)
“Oh, I say, Haiku…
Anyone for tennis balls?”
“Ra-ther, old bean!”
Walku 59 (Game, Set and Match!)
” A dead tennis ball!”
“We can take it home with us!”
“Can we bury it?”

Haiku and Vega 1 edit

Walku 56-57 (Looksies & Interesting Things) by Vega & Haiku



Wal-ku 56 (Looksies)
“Vega, where’s Haiku?
Haiku, have you seen Vega?”
“Dad, your turn to hide!”

Wal-ku 57 (Interesting Things)
“Keep up small fry!”
“Come on, you are ‘so’ slow!”
“Keep up!”
“Wow! What’s this?”

Haiku and Vega 1 edit






September is the Limerickest Month! (14th’s offerings)



The word of the day is… alone

Even in a crowd it’s on its own;

It feels set apart,

Has an ache in its heart,

And resides in an exclusion zone.


There may have been an illusionist from Penge

Who created an illusion quite strange

with mirrors and smoke

Until he started to choke

And toppled like a stone from Stonehenge.


A book of Limericks may seem inviting

Different, risqué, quite exciting

But after a few

You’ll find something to do

That is more wholesome, and far less like fleas biting!


The ‘Alternative Word of the Day’ is… LOVE;

LOVE is all around, There is LOVE below and LOVE is above;

LOVE is… here,

LOVE is… there,

LOVE is… every everywhere;

And when push comes to shove:

All you need is… LOVE…

An Oxygen/Nitrogen enriched atmosphere…





I’m one clown shy of a circus;

One sandwich short of a picnic

One circus-shy clown

one picnic-short sandwich

I’m one… and that’s a fact!


Hanger Farm Poets

Are a fine bunch of ‘all-know-its’

But I caused a bit of a to-do

When I mentioned ‘Clerihew!’

(Which has no fifth line – so it confuses some poets!)


On the train from Cardiff to Crewe

There was a bit of a do

Someone had cake

and a strawberry milkshake

One Happy Meal fed a hundred and two!


Yesterday’s word was ‘rambunctious’

And tomorrow’s is ‘proselytize’

And the way things are going,

There’s no way of knowing,

If learning them will make me wise.

But, I’ll try and remember their meanings,

Though some of them just won’t be learnt,

I’ll say them by rote,

Put some in a quote

And the difficult ones… will get burnt!


Another Different Format Limerick (basically, it resembles a Limerick slightly, but isn’t one)

I can tune my guitar in a minute

I know that there’s not a lot in it

some of the strings, are not that far out,

I’ll just be…ever so, very, a little bit, slightly… out of key… with the band…

(I hope) they’ll understand.


(and another…)

I am not worthy:

I suffer from poetry scurvy!

Too many times

I have forsaken the rhymes

That to me are like limes.




Walku 54-55 (Lepe & Baggage) By Vega & Haiku

haiku-poetry wal-kus 54-55

Wal-ku 54 (Lepe)
“How high?”
We’re at Lepe – it’s a place.”
“Just look before you…”

Wal-ku 55 (Baggage)
“It’s good to get out.”
“Did we have to bring those two?”
“Yes! They scoop the poop!”


Haiku and Vega 1 edit





Limerick Lunacy for 12th September, 2014

Limerick Lunacy


There was a man from the Isle of Wight
Who thought one day “A poem, I’ll write!”
But, he used the same rhyme
Time after time… after time, after time… after time!
And so his poem – it just didn’t sound right!


The ‘Word of the Day’ is ‘Mosaic’
On which I shall be quite prosaic
Piece by piece, bit by bit
All together the picture shall fit
In a process that is largely formulaic.

The ‘Alternative Word of the Day’ is ‘Calorific’
As a value it is rather specific
Every morsel I eat
And every necessary treat
Add up to a total horrific.


At the risk of appearing somewhat rude

Here, I’d just like to say the word ‘Verisimilitude’

Of, course, not in context

For I would become vexed

As that would to my ignorance allude.


A Limerick walked into a bar

He was toting his busking guitar

He asked for a ‘C’

Was punched subsequently

He was well on the path to becoming a star.


A writer in need of a spark

Sat alone in the nude in the dark

His muse didn’t call

It did no good at all

And eventually he was banned from the park.



Wal-ku 50-51 (Rubbish & Mud-Baths) by Vega & Haiku

V and H

Wal-ku 50 (Rubbish)
“I’ve got this – it’s great!”
“What is it? Can you eat it?”
“I don’t know!”
“Dad does.”
Wal-ku 51(Mud-Baths)
“We’re covered in mud!”
“It smells awfully whiffy!”
“It’s bath-time for us!”

Haiku and Vega 1 edit





Assorted Limericks for 11th September, 2014


Assorted Limericks

There was a young girl who loved RICE MILKS

And you know she liked A RAG MAN’S tattoo

She thought the word ‘Play’ was fun

And loved the bite of a pun;

She’d be happy with half an Haiku.



Half an h

aiku, will o

ften do.


There once was a man who loved coffee

Flavoured with vanilla, caramel, hazelnut… and toffee

He liked it so sweet

That its calories beat

Those of a pie called banoffee.


The word of the day it is ‘Prurient!’

A feeling that is rather luxuriant

The look in your eyes,

Your silky inner thighs,

And the mutual way we’re exploriant!


There was a young fisherman called Kevin

To whom the sea was his ultimate heaven

He’d sail in his boat

Always happy afloat

And his hours were twenty-four seven.


Awash with the joy of a boat and a net

The spray of the ocean, the loss of a debt

He’d haul in a catch

No quotas to match

Whilst singing sea shanties you’d never forget.


Bursledon Brimerick

There once was a Bursledon Brick

Whose facets were unusually slick

Not rugged and rough –

The others were tough –

But he had his own Limerick.


There once was a podiatrist named Hector

Who treated a Police Chief Inspector,

The policeman’s flat feet

Were from his years on the beat

So Hector the podiatrist fitted the Police Chief Inspector with a low-arch corrector and that seemed to do the trick.


There once was a gasman named Colin

Who kept digging then filling a hole in

When asked why he did

When he did what he did

He said I’m trying to prove that the earth taken from a hole will fit back in that hole and that the quantity of removed earth from the hole is not swollen.


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