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And today is another day where I’d just like to say…


A message for you
To say both of the two words
That I know are true.

So early today
I wrote upon your windscreen
In the morning frost.

I loves you, I do
And just took a moment to
Write my message down.

I smiled, I did;
As I thought of you just then
As I often do.


A Haiku a day keeps the doctor at bay (so 4 should really do the trick)

Healthy Haiku 1

An apple a day
Helps keep the doctor away;
So eat fruit today.

Healthy Haiku 2

Try to get balance
In what you eat and you drink;
Think ‘Moderation’.

Healthy Haiku 3

Keep well hydrated;
Just drink plenty of water;
And you’ll stay healthy.

Healthy Haiku 4

Exercise Daily:
Both your mind and your body;
Don’t over do it.

Haiku Update #1


That is not to say that I don’t write them; it’s just that I don’t stick to the essential essence of the original Japanese form. I think I should study the form a lot more as I am not really doing the Haiku justice. We shall see. Graeme:)

Advertising Haiku #Haiku #SellYourself #SelfieHaiku

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Short (in the number of words – exactly correct in its syllable count) Haiku


Short(ish) Haiku


When Mint Imperials Went Metric (You Do the Math)


“Half-an-Inch, Keep Up!”

“Here Am I, Keeping Upwind!”

“Half-an-inch, KetchUp!”

“That’s A No-Know, Algebra!”

“Trust A No-Know-it-All!”

“And another thing…” #Tanka

6 of 3! G:)

6 of 3! G:)

“And another thing…” #Tanka

Nope. Nothing else here;
Empty vessel; but, no noise;
Silence in buckets;
Which is in an abundance;
But, it’s too hot for dancing.

And another thing…
Why is the weather so mad;
It’s loop-the-loopy;
And shouldn’t this tanka rhyme?
Once, if not all of the time?

And another thing…
This tanka is much too short
By at least two lines.

“Oh, I see, it’s a haiku;
Well, that would explain it’s length.”

Stating the blooming obvious on a Sunday (#Haiku)


Stating the blooming obvious on a Sunday.

As it’s a Sunday
I have a little write time…
But, nothing happens.

No words flow at all;
And thoughts are far from working;
This means nothing writ.

So my apologies
For this blank piece of paper;
Better luck next time.

Parcel Parceau! #Haiku


C’est Parcel Parceau!
Delivers without a word –
A silent service.

2am Mouse Haiku #Haiku

Mouse, not Moose!

Mouse, not Moose!

2am Mouse

Mouse. Definitely!
Rosie Cat has a playmate;
Tom and Jerry time!

I capture said mouse;
Release him safely anon;
Away from the house.

He got on a train
Going to Cheeseborough;
Third class ticket mouse.

I didn’t tell him
That there was no cheese there, now
But, there had been… once.