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Nothing like the Present


Me: Let’s play ‘Time Fly Spy’

You: No. I want to stay here in the present.

Me: But, that ‘present’ you speak of is now in the past.

You: It is?

Me: Most surely. As an ‘is’ it is now a ‘was’.

You: Oh! But, I want to stay in the present.

Me: There is only one way for you to stay in the present.

You: There is?

Me: Indeed. Do you see this box?

You: Yes.

Me: It’s yours. I’m giving it you.

You: Thank you. It’s rather large.

Me: Yes. Any smaller and you won’t fit into it.

You: Sorry!

Me: You can live in it.

You: Really?

Me: Yes. Enjoy your present.

You: Gee, thanks!

A Pasta-Present for the Future – a sad tale.


A pasta-present for the future.

The pasta-making machine was a brilliant idea
And as brilliant ideas can be totally useless…
This one was.
Nothing wrong with the machine itself;
Just the idea that ‘somebody’ would want to ‘make’ their own pasta
When it is so inexpensive and handy to buy any of the myriad shaped, sized and coloured pastas in the local Supermarket.
It was a thoughtful gift
But, now it is gathering dust
And rust (possibly)
In a dark cupboard somewhere –
The sort of place where dreams go to slowly fade away.

The stopped clock (but, only for a second)


And as the wind-up clock of time
Whistles through my ears
I pause my hands for just a second
And listen to the thick tick tock
Fade into history…
Soon to be replaced by the new kid on the clock
And time stood still?
And still stands still?
Still, you can’t wind them all.