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Are you feeling a little fruity?


I ate an orange for my tea
Because it refused to rhyme for me
One such time I ate a lime
I don’t know why
Is that a crime?
Two of my five a day
I opt to dispatch in a non-poetic way
An apple may keep the doctrine at bay
But, at its core, it’s apt to dismay;
And pineapples, coconuts, guavas and yams
Can’t always stop a man going nuts for his fruit (as I am).

It’s not that I’m fussy
To be honest
I don’t give a hoot
But, when you asked me
If I ate a balanced diet
I started juggling melons
It’s fun
You should try it.

This is just nonsense
You may have worked that out
But, I bought the last half pound
Of bananas
I think it’s your shout.

Oranges are not the only fruit (that doesn’t rhyme)


I juggled some oranges

Outside of Gorringes

In Lewes, near Brighton, one day

They said “What are you doing?

We thought you were queuing

to look at the lots, here today.”

I said, “It’s high time

The orange had a rhyme

And your auction house so fits the bill

So, I’m juggling fruit

In my very best suit

They said no one could do it –

But, I will!