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Wal-ku 17-18 (Catch & Carry / Vega & Haiku) by Vega


My little suster, Haiku.

My little sister, Haiku.

Wal-ku 17


“Throw the ball for me!

Further, much further than that!

Now can ‘you’ fetch it?”

Wal-ku 18


I want what she’s got!

Now, I want that stick she has;

Haiku, watch me play!



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Haiku: ‘Twelve’ by Graeme Sandford

Christmas: Day One dawns...
A bird of some kind... with 'tree!'
What is going on?

Day Two... What's in store?
More birds (but, no more 'pear' trees)
NB: Get Bird Seed.

Day Three: More wildfowl!
Now getting beyond a joke;
What next, I wonder.

Day Four: Learning French;
Having to build aviary;
Need some counseling!

Day Five: Delivery;
By two security men
In armoured vehicle!

Day Six: Pawned the rings;
Bought a good set of ear muffs;
Honking, Squawking birds!

Day Seven: Enough!
What can I do with these swans?
I can't eat the things?

Day Eight: What! For real?
It's like that old Christmas song
I'm not taking this!

Day Nine: All sorted.
Restraining Order granted;
Refused the Dancers!

Day Ten: Went to beach.
Left a note on my front door:
'Not today, thank you!'

Day Eleven: Birds gone.
They flew, waddled, swam, were sold;
And, 'peace' now returns.

Day Twelve: Knock at door!
"You ungrateful little sh..."
"Sorry, just moved in."

Dove Haiku by Graeme Sandford

Dove on Roof

Alf, a young man seeking wisdom about the arts, found Zen, an ancient and wise sage, a hermit, who lived in a reed hut on the side of a steep valley in the Nepalese Mountains.
The young man gave the wise man an offering of berries, and a cloak made of Himalayan goat hair.
The wise man accepted the gifts and settled down upon his hut’s threshold. The young man saw that it was time to ask his question.

Alf “What’s a ‘Haiku’, Zen?”

Zen “When a dove is on your roof
That is what you hear!”