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Story To Be Written Here… 2 (Updated)


I was sat stirring my wooden coffee with my wooden coffee stirrer, when…

…Edward and Den wandered my way. I watched and waited. Would Edward wink? Would Den? …

…To my surprise Edward was the first one to wink and then Den, I couldn´t believe it! What do I do now?

…I smiled. Then I said, ‘Good Morning, Gentlemen.’ Their faces were so funny, they looked at each other…

“Do you remember anything from last night?” they both chimed in unison….looking like two cats that had swallowed the favorite pet mice of the mistress.
In their defense “the mistress” only kept pets and people in order to torment them for her own amusement.
These two employees of hers were called Den and Edward because “the mistress” could not be bothered to learn their real names. There had been four sets of “Den and Edward” in the last two years I had worked for her.
I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened last night that they were winking at me about with weird looks of guilt on their faces…

Please continue the story, as Jane of Jane’s Musings (, charlypriest (, niasunset ( and Gentle Kindness ( have done, in the comments box below and I shall update the post with your words. Just a bit of fun. G:)

Thank you

Where Am I? #1

Somewhere in the UK.

Somewhere in the UK.

No, I am not lost again. I saw this and thought of… taking a picture of it.

So, where is it? If you know, please tell me and I shall award you with a no-holds barred critique of one of your posts (your choice which one) just for fun really. G:)

Tri-Haiku (2nd ‘free’ FlashComp!)

three little kittens flash comp

If you would like to take up the 51-syllable challenge of writing a Tri-Haiku then the best original m one sent to me (or posted for my notice) for consideration will win a mystery prize from my good self.

Add the hash-tag #trihaikucomp and / or message me and all entries will be entered into this ‘FREE’ competition. Winner to be announced at 12 Noon GMT on Saturday 1st November

As an example, I have written one for you to observe upon – good luck – Graeme;)


Graeme Sandford