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MoorCat Poems Please!


People say that there should be

MoorCat Poems

So, I thought that I’d write one, or three, or more.
But, probably just the one.


Moorcat, Moorcat on the loose
Are you wild about the moose
Or do you have no opinion on the matter
Of whether you eat your fish in batter;
And are suchlike questions perturbing your mind?
Are they?

2am Mouse Haiku #Haiku

Mouse, not Moose!

Mouse, not Moose!

2am Mouse

Mouse. Definitely!
Rosie Cat has a playmate;
Tom and Jerry time!

I capture said mouse;
Release him safely anon;
Away from the house.

He got on a train
Going to Cheeseborough;
Third class ticket mouse.

I didn’t tell him
That there was no cheese there, now
But, there had been… once.


Not thith exact moth

Not thith exact moth

Be he moth
Or be he myth
There’th not another moth
Ath big ath thith!

PEth – Rothie the Cat brought in a moth through the window thith morning and had great delight in chathing it around the bathroom while I got ready for work. Before I could rethcue it, Rothie took it back out of the window. That’th nature.

PPEth – it wathn’t a huge moth (there are bigger) but what’th a potht without a bit of exaggeration.


Where is Kate? Kate!


aka Rosie 🙂

Where is Kate?
I’ve looked high
And I’ve looked low-
I’ve been to Highgate
She wasn’t there
So I couldn’t say hi!
Is Kate shunning me?
Is my need to find her running me?

Let me give you the low down on Kate!
I know she was down; low…
Kate had a lot on her plate;
I tried to placate her!
She tried to reciprocate.
Then I upset her and she told me to go forni
Please help me locate, Kate!

A few words from… Haiku – the Labradoo (3)


Haiku’s Diary

Day 6 in the Big Sister house 

My protestations at having to sleep alone at night have finally had an effect on the humans. Good cop, the one with lots of thick dark fur, not my big sister, Vega, but they do look similar), is with us all the time.  He talks a lot and lets us play.  He even lets us be a bit naughty and takes photos and moving pictures of us.  

He’s going to have to learn not to show them to bad cop though, because she tells him off for letting us be naughty!


ad cop doesn’t talk to us too much.  She says ‘no’, ‘sit’ and ‘good girl’ a lot and gives us treats when we’re good.  She looks more like me; she’s smaller that good cop and has multi-coloured fur.  She goes somewhere in the day and leaves good cop to look after us.   

She’s not all bad; she likes to tickle us and snuggle up in the evening, but goes a bit weird when she doesn’t get enough sleep! 

And that’s how my protestations have had an effect. 

Not only have I now got my very own teddy bear to snuggle up to, I also get to sleep in a new big comfy ‘basket’ with Vega.  She has lots of thick fur, is very warm to cuddle and she doesn’t beat me up at bedtime! 

There’s also another furry creature – a stripy one.  She’s not like me and Vega.  She eats different food (she gets lots of flavours – not fair!) and she wanders in and out of the house all day.  I don’t know where she goes. 

Rosie is very clever and can outsmart Vega.  

Yesterday, she let Vega chase her out of the house, then stopped just outside the back door.  Vega carried on running, and when she got to the end of the garden, looked very confused as to where Rosie had got to. (Rosie was sat very calmly on the patio wall).

I don’t think Rosie likes Vega as much as she likes me.  She snuggles up with me on bad cop’s lap.  I think me and Rosie are going to be very good friends. xxxx


No Wal-ku 1 (on no walkies – Rain and Inside) by Vega



“It’s raining outside;

And I’m ‘not’ going walkies:

Dad is a big wuss!”




Wal-ku 3 (on walkies – cats & dogs) by Vega



“Let me get this straight:

I’m a dog…? and Rosie…?

And I chase cats? Right!



April the Sixth – ‘The Show’ by Graeme Sandford


On with the show
It must go on
The post it must get through
Determined we are to see it happen
On, on and thrice on!

All this enthusiasm tends
To leave me weak at the ends of the day
I’d like to say it was worth it all
But, it is, so I will, I shall
Proclaim it to the four walls,
One ceiling, one floor –
One cat, who (having thought about my words)
Is resident upon my lap no more).

The show’s the thing
Wherein I catch the imagination
Of the king – hold on…
We haven’t got a king
We’ve got a queen…
And it was Queen who sang to us that
‘The show must go on!’

So on it must go!


April the Second – Rosie Wrote…


Rosie Wrote...
Sleeeeeeeep: happy, I am.
Eeeeeeeeeat: happy, I am.
Preeeeeeeen: ditto.
My life is quite...
And I do what I want...
When I want...
I 'usually' get it...
And, when I don't...
I have very sharp claws, 
You know...
And teeth that are like those needles,
When I don't...
Get what I want...
Get what you don't!
Just sayin'

Tabitha Fetches a Stick

Tabitha Fetches a Stick by Graeme Sandford


When she was a kitten, Tabitha shocked us by barking.

Now, one of the things that you are taught (or discover) in life is that cats miaow and dogs bark; sometimes even before you can count up to a gazillion. To have this fundamental tenet turned topsy-turvy and upside down on its head is to cause the mind to go into premature meltdown (minds generally go into meltdown much later in life) as much as black and white suddenly changing places or gravity to work in the opposite way – but we wouldn’t lose so many balloons, would we?

Tabitha not only barked; she fetched sticks; chewed upon bones; howled when outside; to be let in; chased parked cars; and loved being in the car with her head stuck out the window as the parked cars flew by.

We got used to her ways; but, people, meeting her for the first time; were taken aback at her growling; until she decided they were harmless; may have humpable legs; or were going to take her for a walk… on a lead. Tabitha is one in a… well, one in a huge number (perhaps very near a gazillion) when it comes to pets.