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Drawing a Blank

Drawing A Blank

‘Life Drawing’ had brought out the artist in me.

My ‘flesh-tone’ pencils and paints were arrayed neatly before, and my pallet was salivating with anticipation. Then, a man-mountain in a pink cotton bathrobe of Olympic swimming-pool size proportions appeared – my canvas wasn’t going to cope with that.

“We’ll do some five-minute ‘posed’ sketches, and then we’ll move on to the hour-and-a-half ‘relaxed pose’.” commented Miss Louise Lewis-Lautrec.

I ‘white-washed’ my surface and poised myself as if looking for inspiration to arrive.

For two hours I sat there, focusing upon a small red vase off to one side of his shoulder.

A voice from behind me chirped, “It’s always tricky to get the form correct, Leonardo.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Lines Upon a Page (LBN)


IMG_5141 edit 1

…am taking centre stage

(in an LBN – a little black number

which is slightly ‘off the wall’)

Am I on the right lines

As I preside over my court?

I focus upon the passers-by

who are by-passing the others to gaze

solely at my décolletage;

barely pausing at the collage next to me;

before also by-passing the purchasing of a single thing.

When suddenly, I descried someone wearing…

IMG_5140 edit 1


the exact same creation as me!

Imagine my total loss of elation.

Just imagine!

I could have cried.

Now, side by side we stand;


Imperceptible in our differences


but, one of discerning tastes

Must have preferences…

Look at her page lines!

I, am the real



This poem was inspired by the two delightful pictures above by the Natural Connections artist Sarah Louise Baker.

For more information, visit:–fundraising-events.html


Saturday 8th November 2014, 6.30 – 8.30pm

An evening of poetry by The TeaPoet Collective responding to an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by artists from The Yard Studios at Rum’s Eg Gallery.

The work is on show at Rum’s Eg art and craft gallery in Romsey from 8 October to 9 November. You are invited to look at images of the artwork on the gallery website click here…. or visit the gallery in person and write your own poem. Please send poems to or contact them for more information.

The poetry will be presented at this lively and informal event in the first floor Cafe at Rum’s Eg, with a bar and snacks on the night. The event is free but please email teapoets to let them know if you are coming.