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April Haikus – 21 Today, Happy Birthday, Madge! #NaPoWriMo


Twenty-one whole days!
And I am no closer now
Than upon day one.

In fact, I do think
I may be further away:
And about to sink.

Which is not funny.
I have a fear of drowning;
In warm salad cream.

Which is a strange thing
To think of drowning within –
It’s not mayonnaise,

However, that’s wrong;
Not a thing to dwell upon;
And a little weird.

Tomato ketchup
Has five syllables. How strange –
Brown sauce has just two.

Why all the sauces?
I have not a Scooby-Doo
Which means: not a clue.

But, seriously;
I must regain my karma –
That’s not a curry.

But, seriously;
And that means no funny stuff;
If I can do that.

Why am I so bad;
Not ‘bad’ in the Byron way,
But, just bad in acts.

As I’m ‘inactive’
Lacking the ‘get up and go’ –
It’s got up and gone!

But, seriously;
I can be serious, honest!
Just takes some effort.

I shall try harder;
Commit to doing my best
And stop the wise cracks.

My resolutions,
Although it’s not the New Year,
Will help me win her.

Oh, yes, I know that!
That I haven’t tried ‘that’ hard;
But, that was back then;

Now I am stronger;
And determined to succeed
Where I failed before.

I’ll have a haircut;
Get myself a bit smarter;
Lose the Mohican!

A short back and sides;
Very smart: but! No money!
Have to rob a bank;

Or get me a job…………
Wow! A tumbleweed moment!
Me getting a job!

And do it today;
Off to the Job Centre Plus
Whatever ‘Plus’ means.

I can get a job;
I can be… a lumberjack!
Yay! Monty Python!

NB This is the 21st (give or take some) in a sequence of quite a few – the others are around and about here somewhere – the whole story makes little or no sense, but, that’s the way that the crumble cookies! G:)