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“Twenty is Heaven!” #NaPoWriMo


“Twenty is Heaven?”

No, you fool; I said ‘twenty-seven!’
‘You’ are on a holidaze in Devon;
With a soupçon of clotted Cornwall.

“What is that all about?”

Just words; do you ever doubt
That I will throw them at you,
Befeduzzle your brain
Once again?

“I have noticed,” quoth he.
“That ‘that’ is what you…

Yes, I am predictable, in a…

” ‘Predictable’ sort of way?”


“Which is why I juggled with the potential (though improbable) possibility that you were to the mind of statementising that ‘Twenty’ was ‘Heaven!’ ”

Ooh! Get you! Had a dictionary for brekkies? Or two?

“Just being like you – though why I should want to try that, twenty-seven knows!”

Touché once more, mon amis.

” ‘Moan at me?’ ”


April is the… #NaPoWriMo


“Twenty- four hours
Twenty-four days
Twenty-four April showers
Twenty-four ways to get soaking wet

But, April, with her downpours sweet,
Is almost gone
Soon she’ll wave goodbye, bid ‘Adieu!’ sound the retreat
And will leave us until
Another year comes calling.

It is the ‘cruelest’ month
By some accounts
Or the ‘curliest’ by mine
Who knows which is correct;
But, I think that mine is funkier
Be it less literary-minded
And only seen by a few
One of whom is you
Now, how on earth did you get into my poem?
No matter; you are actually very welcome
And have added some ‘Je n’ai sais quoi’ to it; whatever…
In fact, you are now the iCandy in my ‘Glocken’ spiel
Now, how does that make you feel?”

(Insert answer here)

Really? I thought that you would have been more erudite
In spite of your unpreparedness
For fame and fortune

(There will be little of either)

But, cudos is as cudos does
So a wise man recently said;
He was very humble, too
(And ‘no’ it wasn’t you)

As I was saying,
April awaits to absence itself again
With ‘Arrivederci!’ poised in readiness upon its pursed lips-
Which is a personification
If ever I saw one.

So prepare to say ‘Farewell!’
And ‘Until we meet again!’
Some showery day.