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Looe Paper

We need Looe Paper,

we need it now

as we all must have

rolls to play;

cast us, somehow;

roll out the barrel,

(without Colin Farrell –

he’d just act up –

as actors do tend to do)

And the headline for today –

which is garish – does say,

‘We need Looe Paper!

Yes, we do!

Because we all need something

to read on the Looe!’

An Wedhen (The tree)



an wedhen.

Moon Over Looe (with four-let’r word)

Moon Over Looe.

That Moon,

over Looe,

blue, slim

with edge thin;

lost, bold, cold;

what else?

Cool dude,

nude, rude,

spin away?

Ne’er! Stay!

That Moon,

over Looe,


Falling Leaves

The table set,

with food galore,

glasses, cutlery,

no room for more,

and then disaster!

Faster than you could say, “Oh, dear!”

the table top did sudden clear,

with leaves that fell,

from up to down,

and contents dropping,

(no chance for stopping),

did cause a frown

upon my face,

the smile had gone;

and the fallout was a bomb-site

second only to none.

Looe 3007

In a thousand years from now

will things be just the same,

when they’ve changed so much in a hundred?

And, would we be able to claim

knowledge of a place

where we thundered in youth

and withered in age,

when the world spins ever quicker,

just to reach a final stage?

We walk these streets

as those before,

and look out to sea

from that same shore;

but, tomorrow is another day,

what happens then…

well, who can say?

A Thousand Years

I’ve watched you for a thousand years,

I’ll watch a thousand more,

I am the one who helps your boat

reach safely to the shore.

For when you are in peril

a-sailing on the sea;

you might needs pray to someone

and that someone might be me.

The Faux Toe Shop

I woke up this morning

(da dada da da!)

and found that I only had nine toes!

Where, is it,

when a man is missing a toe,

where is it

that he goes?

Nobody knows.

So, for a toe,

I suggest

that there should be

a faux toe shop

where they can add on

the missing toe –

the one that has gone.

And, if, subsequently,

one happens to find

the missing digit,

you’ll have a spare

in hand (so to speak)

and won’t have to pay

the faux toe shop

a visit.

Nadelik Lowen Haiku

“Nadelik Lowen!”

I called to all the people.

“Kynnyav yw!” they cried.

An Autumnal Haiku (and one that isn’t).

The leaves are falling

everywhere around me,

so, ‘Merry Christmas!’


or, not an Autumnal Haiku (7,5,5)

Everywhere around me

leaves are falling,

so, ‘Merry Christmas!’

Job Interview – A further instalment in the Adlestrop Sequence.

See here for my original Adlestrop Sequence

I want a job as a passenger.

A passenger?

Yes, a passenger, preferably upon a train. I don’t mind doing a full day’s passengering, but I’d like to miss the rush hours, and I’m not too keen on the Underground. So, a leisurely, all-stops-stopping route where I could start near to my home, and finish… near to my home would be just the job.

Do you live near to a railway station?

Oh, yes. I live very close to Adlestrop.


Yes. It’s a brisk walk. Most convivial to the health.

Okay. I shall process your application, and I expect we shall be in touch.


I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Okay, thank you.

Good day!

Ticket’s please!