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Archived? ‘Farewell, April!’

‘Farewell, April!’

In the late 21st Century April fell out of use. It was renamed Shower.

Soon after, all of the months were renamed to suit their most apt tempers.

Thus we ended up with Ice, Snow, Hail, Heat, Wind and the rest.

Strangely enough, the months acclimatised themselves to the new names and for a month at a time everybody knew exactly what the weather would be.



An Agatha.

An Agatha.

The mirror crack’d from side to side

And there is always a steam train

Agatha liked steam

It does seem that way

they say she wrote some of her stories whilst aboard;

or wrote whilst afloat

travelling to Egypt, Mesopotamia or the like.

I don’t know if she ever travelled by bike;

working on a riddle

while balancing upon a saddle.

I promised you ‘what?’

I beg your pardon
I never promised you the Forest of Arden
Within which realm
Your heart could roam
And all life’s fairest creatures
Could be found…

That would have been presumptuous of me
To say the least;
And, when have you ever
Known me to say the least-
I ask you…

Words Haiku

Words Haiku

Words are difficult;

They don’t help you to use them –

And seldom play fair.

“We’re going on a Camembert Hunt!”

“We’re going on a Camembert Hunt!”

“We’re going on a Camembert Hunt!”


“It’s a type of cheese”

“You don’t say.”

“I do say.”

“It’s just s play on words.”


“And it’s ever so cheesy.”





At the centre of the Universe

there is a tiny little thing

called ‘hub’.

This thing, called ‘hub’

I just can’t get enough

information about it.

If you have any knowledge

you could loan me

I would be only too happy to receive it.

Thank you

in anticipation.


“Musical” #SoCS prompt for @LindaGHill

“Musical” #SoCS @LindaGHill

See here for SoCS details

“I like to blog in America!”

“I like to blog in Siberia!”

“I like to blog in Almeria!”



“Where is that?”

“You’ve never heard of Almeria?”

“Well, not until very recently, no.”

“We’re on the map.”

“Which map?”

“The world map of… places.”

“Which continent are you on?”

“We don’t believe in continents.”

“What? Everybody believes in continents.”

“Not everybody, so it seems.”

“Okay. What is the country next to yours called?”

“We call it Jimmizus.”

“You’re making this all up!”

“No, it’s true; Jimmizus is a wonderful country, as it shields us from the world.”

“So, is it like a mythological place, such as… um… Nirvana?”

“The band?”

“No. The place.”

“No, not like Nirvana; although we, too are strangely musical – we like grunge.”

“You’re kidding us – making all of this up. Almeria is just a figment of your imagination. Tell us something about Almeria.”

“It smells nice.”


“Yes. It’s lovely.”

“What does it smell like?”

“Oh, you know, teen spirit, and all that.”

“Now we know that you are having us on. What is the capital of Almeria*, tell me that