Aliens and Apocalypses


    Alien Invasion

When the little green men
Turned out to be blue;
And they didn’t look like
A smaller version of you;
When they invaded at dawn
And we just weren’t prepared;
When, after all was said (or chirped) and done
We found out that we’d never really cared…
For our planet;
And when we were surprised
By the Alien invasion
Why weren’t we surprised?
And Mankind faded, as Mankinds often do,
Into obscurity; oblivious
To the oblivion
We had been consigned to.
“All gone and good riddance!”
Cried the Earth with a sigh
“Normal Service is resumed.”
And the Alien’s response and chirpy reply…?

Well, they knew that the Earth needed a lengthy recovery;
So they left it to regenerate
And set off on voyages of discovery…

Boldly going where Mankind had only boldly dreamed of going.

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