SoCS – Tape – #4 – Linda G Hill

SoCS – Tape – #4 – Linda G Hill – a timed 5-minute SoC write

Linda G Hill’s site can be found here.

I had to get the tape to the contact. The contact that hadn’t turned up at the Railway Station, or the Opera, or the Coffee Bar in Kensington.

I hadn’t expected the contact to turn up in those places as they were not the places that the coded messages had suggested; but, as I was on expenses…

It was at the next contact point that the contact should appear – in an old, red, telephone kiosk off of the old, brown, Brompton High St.

I checked my map – no such place existed, even though I was sure that I had decoded the coded message correctly this time.


I checked again.

Aaargh! It was the High Street, Brompton, in Gillingham.

Now, was that in North Devon or Kent?


8 responses to “SoCS – Tape – #4 – Linda G Hill

  1. 😁 the troubles of an undercover agent/spy/guerilla… maybe the person should have gone to Specsavers? 😘 Happy Saturday despite everything 🤗

  2. Cynthia Praski

    Keep writing! I want to know if they go to Kent or North Devon.

    • Just for you, Cynthia.

      Tape #4 Part 2

      After checking back with W (at control) I was advised to ask a policeman for directions.
      Upon eventually my finding a PC, strolling around inside PC World, and asking him whether I should go ‘West or East?’ I was advised that ‘West is best’ – he happened to be one of the rare ‘rhyming’ policemen of little or no value to society, apart from in a strangely poetic way.

      I duly travelled due East, and landed safely in the hitherto unknown Gillingham Airport in Kent (which is close to the Isle of Thanet) at approximately a quarter to.

      The secret contact was found casually leaning against the third coffee vending machine on the right (as I had almost been advised that he would be), having kept himself awake and primed for inaction by the consumption of thirty-seven cups of steaming Nitrous Coffee –

      ‘Guaranteed to stimulate the mind if not the body!’

      I handed the contact the tape and he briefly checked it through for authenticity. Finding it to be the genuine article, the contact gave me a recipe for his Grandma’s Treacle Tart Pudding, and a copy of ‘The Tatler and the Bystander’ from 1941.

      Finishing the crossword in that magazine made me realise something: that I was terrible at crosswords… and that perhaps I should have spent the intervening 17 days actually earning the pay of a spy.

      Needless to say, I was demoted to Dispatch Rider (second class) and given the choice of a donkey or Shank’s Pony as my chariot of choice. Being no fool, I chose the pony.


  3. Awesome! Though, after 37 cups of coffee, I’d think we’d find the secret contact in the bathroom!

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