SoC Saturday – Tape – Linda G Hill

Saturday SoC Sequence #1-#3 a timed 5 minutes on each piece

Prompt: Tape


Pencils were always handy for me when I used to have cassette players in the car and at home. The tape deciding to leave home and get into a tangle was a semi-regular occurrence. If the tape was retrievable – hadn’t stretched or snapped – then a pencil (or even a Biro) coiled be used to return the tape from whence it came. I did, on occasion, splice some snapped tapes together again, but results were varying from poor to playing.

Cassettes were fantastic in the car, and, being too young for eight-track, I went mainly for the C90 tapes that would host an LP on either side. C120 tapes were too long, and so I avoided them; C60 taped held an album over two sides and room for some repeated tracks, or extra tunes to be added. C30, C60, and C90 are Cassette tapes to those minutes over two sides.


Gaffa Tape is the most useful thing on the planet. Discuss. Form an argument as to why this is, or isn’t, so.; write a dissertation upon Gaffa Tape, buy more for when you next need lots.

Actually, Air is probably more of a necessity, or Water, possibly many things are needed before Gaffa Tape hits the list; but, when it comes to tapes… it’s going to be up there at the top – unless you are a big fan of Celotape. I wish they could invent a tape where the cut end doesn’t disappear without a trace and you spend minutes of your life (non-returnable) trying to get another piece from the reel. Life is not long enough to have to deal with this sort of thing.

Gaffa Tape has many, many uses which I shall not list here for fear of being asked how I know them all.


My measuring tape, or tape measure, is 5 metres long when unwound. And yet it is only 2.5 inches long and tall when in its little container. Why I should utilise Imperial and Metric measurements I do bot know, but measure for measure I do.

There, a bit of Shakespeare in the night for you to enjoy, or ignore, in equal measure as you like – it bothers me not.

So, if I need to measure something 5 metres long, it is the ideal length of tape measure with which to do so. If longer, I will have to adapt my methods and improvise a standup routine to accomplish the feat.

Or buy a longer tape measure – but that will inevitably incur a cost, and I might only use the second tape measure the once.


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