“Have you seen Lostwithiel?” – Revisited (to check it’s still there).

This is what it looks like.

Lostwithiel should be Foundwithiel;

do you see?

The story is:

We put up posters here

We put up posters there

“Has anybody seen our Lostwithiel?

Is that it over there? No.”

We did the rounds.

Upon the grounds

that as it was quite big finding it should be easy

like the finding of a twig in a forest – oh! That’s not good,

it’s like trying to find a specific tree within an unknown wood.

But, to cut a long story short,

as a practical poet really ought:

Lostwithiel was where it should have been all along,

the direction that we had been looking in,

that was what was wrong.

“We found Lostwithiel,

Lostwithiel was found!



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