AI Poetry

‘Death to real poets!’


The title was surely a subtle indication

of how AI felt.


‘Algorhythms and rhymes

are not computed crimes!’


A call by AI to defend itself

against the backlash of actual poets.


‘What takes you hours,

we can do in seconds!’


AI boasted against the poets’

lack of speed when creating a poem from scratch.


‘Match us! We bet you can’t!’


Boastful and unfeeling,

the AIs took over the poetry world –

which, then, faded into a big, fat, nothing.


8 responses to “AI Poetry

  1. It takes a heart to feel poetry enough that those reading it also feel it in their heart. What machine code can do that?

  2. well – that’s depressing, Graeme 😉


    • It is – so socked (and shocked) to see what AI can produce in seconds. Just put in a few details… press write… and, oh dear! What has the Lit. world come to.

      Fir example:

      Sherlock the Seagull (by AI)

      As the sun began to set over the small fishing village of Crickhaven, a commotion could be heard on the pier. A crowd had gathered around a fishing boat that had just returned to port, and the villagers were abuzz with excitement.

      In the midst of the crowd stood a seagull, his head cocked to one side as he watched the scene before him. His name was Sherlock, and he had a reputation in the village as a bit of a sleuth.

      Sherlock had been born with a keen eye for detail and a natural curiosity that had always set him apart from the other seagulls. He had always been fascinated by the goings-on of the human world, and he had developed a knack for solving mysteries that had stumped even the most seasoned investigators.

      As he watched the crowd on the pier, Sherlock knew that something was amiss. He could sense the tension in the air, and he could see that the fishermen were all agitated and nervous.

      He spread his wings and took to the air, soaring over the heads of the villagers and swooping down to land on the edge of the fishing boat. He ruffled his feathers and began to investigate.

      It didn’t take Sherlock long to find what he was looking for. There, hidden in a pile of fishing nets, was a small packet of drugs. Sherlock recognized them immediately as a dangerous and illegal substance that had been causing problems in the village for weeks.

      As he spread his wings and took to the air once more, Sherlock knew that he had to act quickly. He flew to the local police station and dropped the packet of drugs at the feet of the investigating officer.

      For the rest of the night, Sherlock was busy assisting the police in their investigation. With his keen eye for detail and his natural curiosity, he was able to help the officers piece together the clues and identify the culprit.

      By the time the sun rose over Crickhaven the next morning, the mystery had been solved, and the village was safe once more. Sherlock had done it again, and the villagers looked at him in awe and admiration.

      As he spread his wings and soared over the village, Sherlock couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. He was a seagull, but he was also a sleuth, and there was nothing he loved more than solving a good mystery.

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