‘Star Wars: New Beginnings (Episode CDXCVII – and a half)’

(A Star Wars poem, this is.)

“Star Wars – New Beginnings,

Episode four hundred

and ninety-seven…

… and a half!”


You have to laugh

at how a film franchise

can expand

beyond an alien land,

backwards and forwards,

sequels and prequels

equals… box office

with, perhaps, diminishing Imperial returns?


The Empire burns,

whilst the Coalition learns

a little, forgets a lot,

as they both dance a strange gavotte.


And when I think of Star Wars,

I am always bemused by the Storm-troopers –

their lack of accuracy amuses me,

as they miss their targets,

again, and again;

how could they be that poor?

I think that target practice

would help ensure

improved averages, all around;

as, all too often, they aim for the filmstars,

and hit the ground.


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