Saturday Shenaniganza!

Can I actually write ‘Shenaniganza’

without losing my street credibility

(What I have not got)

and retaining my unique air of mystique

(What I also have not got)

whilst still creating poetry

ghat reached exorbitant heights of skillduggery,

at a minimal costing?

Please answer in the comment area below,

if you have a theory,

or actually know.

I know that I have actually overused the word ‘actually’ above,

but my Poetic Licence has no expiry date.

And it is (without doubt) Saturday

where I am

at this moment in time (now)

even if it still Friday where you are,

or you have drifted into Sunday.

PS please enjoy ‘your’ Shenaniganza as much as I enjoy mine. All the best, G:)


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