Cluedo Poem

It wasn’t flustered Colonel Mustard,

and it wasn’t Professor Plum;

It definitely wasn’t Miss Scarlett,

she’d a letter from her mum;


The Reverend Green was at the scene,

holding up a dagger;

but he said he’d been learning Macbeth,

and practising his stagger;


Mr. Black, had a lack

of motive, or so he said;

and little Miss Orchid…

was laying in the Library,

reading books upon the undead.


Mrs. Peacock shaking from the shock

of finding no murder, did howl;

much in the manner of a banshee,

or a visiting migrant owl.



I thought that it was Mrs White

with a blancmange

in the hall

But, it turns out

that I was in the wrong house,

and there hadn’t been a murder at all.


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