It’s been a while since I wrote a sonnet

It’s been a long while,

and there’s a reason for that

I don’t write sonnets;

well, I don’t write that many,

no more than one a leap year.

10 responses to “It’s been a while since I wrote a sonnet

  1. this made me laugh… 😄

    • I’m happy to hear that. It’s good to laugh. Yeghes da! G:)

      • I guess no sonnets this year! My grandpa was born on leap year and so had no birthday… he did write tiny love messages to my grandma every holiday without fail, but roses are red violets are blue and knock knock jokes that ended with I love you, or “olive you” rather, seemed to work! 😁 Meurastahwi for another language lesson and for laughter you bring.

      • I wrote a sonnet anyway (just to be as obtuse as an angle). Jane and I married on Feb. 29th (mis Hwevrer 29ves) and still haven’t reached out first (kynsa) anniversary!

        My sonnet was written in haste (no, it was written in Cornwall) badum tish!

        NB small = byghan!


      • 😄 What a fun day to choose! Instead of growing old together, you’re staying young together. Or forever young. Smart people! ❤️ Love to you both this anniversary month.

      • Many thanks. (Meur ras, Meur ras, Meur ras…)

      • Well, it was either Feb 29th or April 1st, luckily for us we chose the former, as lock down happened about a week later. We had a small, quiet, local wedding, and it was just the thing for us to do. Marthys!

      • Awww, you two are still newlyweds! 💞 “They” say lockdown was a true make or break test of people’s marriages, so it sounds like you two are good for each other. I met the man I would marry in 1997… before I believed in getting married at all and would never have dreamed of marriage as a good idea… he’s my best friend. I got lucky. So many women don’t have a real friendship with their husbands. He makes me laugh… but I’m pretty sure I’m funnier. 😁

      • We’ve been together nearly 10 years, singing and playing as a duo, writing together, we are a special team. My a gar Jane ha Jane a gar Grae:)

        And funny is what we are?!

      • And… Thank you for reading (ow redya) and commenting – much appreciated. G:)

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