‘January is the longest month’

‘January is the longest month’

said somebody.

It wasn’t me.


I know that,

‘May is the shortest month’,

‘April the cruelest!’

And all the others

must have their own talents.


But, to keep things in balance,

I shall stir controversy,

by proposing, that,

‘June is the kindest’,

or so it seems to me.


7 responses to “‘January is the longest month’

  1. Is April the cruelest because of Fools day? Or what’s up with that?

    • T.S.Eliot famously wrote that as part of his ‘The Waste Land’ poem – a very long Stream of Consciousness piece that I have seen / heard performed. Done well it is quite impressive. I do borrow from the best.


      da lowr = ok (and, so, I fought da lowr, and da lowr one!)


      • Oh… I never liked T.S. Elliot… and I’m under the impression his wife who typed and edited his poems and who was the object of his loathing in the wasteland due to her extreme menstruation cycles, and what he felt was a betrayal from lack of disclosure about her manic-episodes… may have been more the co-author thus making him far better of a poet than he actually was, as he remained in the family business of accounting…
        I mean he ditched her in asylum… so as for being the best? He knows nothing of April, but only his own bitterness.
        Okay, that was a little heavy on my part… 😳
        I hold nothing against your poem or muses…
        Thanks for cluing me in! 😊

      • Half way through a long (and boring) reply my phone battery died.
        I know not a lot about TSE’s back story – sounds bad – but behind every ok poet Is a good woman (Jane is my muse). Is studied Philip Larkin at ‘A’ level – in my late 20’s – so I know a little bout him and his poetry.
        Oh, so, deep – it will make my head spin. G:)

      • I don’t believe you that it was a boring reply. But so thank for the introduction to Philip Larkin. I just looked into his bio on poetry foundation, to get my bearings. I’m not too familiar with his work, but the first poem I read of his had me laughing aloud. What a thrill to have studied with him. My first poetry professor was Thomas Lux. I never really cared for his poems and only needed one lesson from him that mattered, but it was invaluable. My best to you and Jane!

      • PL’s ‘The Whitsun Weddings’ was our main book of his, my teacher was one of his pupils (PL had just recently died) who was enthused about her studying under PL in Hull. Have a great day – agas gweles (see you). G:)

    • I saw the phrase ‘January is the longest month’ written down yesterday, without the writer expanding on it. I took that phrase and used it for my own nefarious ends. It seems to be part of what I do. G:)

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