My Seagull won’t come back!

My seagull,

is not a boomerang –

I had to get that straight,

before it became too late.


Anyway, it flew away,

one wintry day

in the very, very,

month of May

(which ‘was’ a surprise).


I expected it to return by June,

by the light of a slithery Moon.

(But, no.)


When it hadn’t come back by October,

I checked to see if I had looked over

(or over-looked)

my seagull.

(I hadn’t).


Christmas passed,

as Christmases do,

with no fewer sightings

than two less than two.

(Which is none).


Valentine’s, Easter, back through May,

and still no sign of my seagull –

not on any day.

Until one differing

(and different) day…

there was a flapping and a hopping;

my hoping had helped,

there was my seagull,

I think that I yelped.


Where had it been,

and why for so long?

Did my seagull’s sat-nav

go incurably wrong?

I never did find out

where my lost seagull went,

whether it travelled first class,

or slept in a tent,

cruised all the oceans,

or stared at a pool,

I have a few notions,

but none of them cool.


Wherever it was,

my seagull’s back on this beach,

where the sun’s always shining,

and life is a peach.


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