185 days in a row – a Haibun

Over half a year

of my poetry and prose,?

That’s good, I suppose.


Posting on WordPress for one hundred and eighty-five days in a row, probably posting over three hundred posts (if not nearly four hundred), must mean something. To someone – probably just me.

It means that I write every day, with the very occasional day off for bad behaviour. Not that I don’t have something over nothing on most days.

Whether there is constant quality is not to be taken for granted – some of the poems, much of the prose, is less than excellent, below acceptable, and oftentimes verging on the inane (or insane, if you like).

Anyway, over half a year of ticking the WordPress box doesn’t make me a writer. But, I do feel the need to continue, gaining pleasure from the times when I consider my best appears.

So, here is to the future, with thanks to the past,

May my profundity continue, unto the last.


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