Upon the opening up of a can of words

Whether you have a modern can-opener,

perhaps a traditional old style,

maybe a stab or butterfly type,

or even a Swiss Army Knife with a suitable attachment,

or an expensive electric one,

it matters not.


However you open the can (or tin)

it is not the method of opening that is important,

but the opening itself.


Words, let loose,

upon an unsuspecting poet,

or an audience of one,

are liable to cause all manner of trouble.

By the way, if you open two cans

the trouble could be double –

or even more.


Unsure openings of cans around the world

have caused some of the most virulent

outbreaks of indifference that the planet has ever been akin to.


That said, words are only dangerous

when in the wrong hands

they are left.

Bereft of care,

they may dare

to speak

to the spineless

and weak



So, be careful

if you have the thought

of releasing the canned goods

into an unrespecting,

(and unsuspecting)


that might not

have the stomach

or the appetite

for words

when set free

(or alight).

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