A message to our Dogs and Cat (but mainly our dogs)

I am your sofa,

I am your climbing frame,

I am your waiter –

do you know ‘my’ name?


I keep you waiting,

I take too long,

I don’t give you enough,

I measure things wrong.


I take you out

when the weather is yuck,

I pull you away

from your choicest tuck.


I make you be quiet

when you are saying, ‘watch out!’

When there’s no one around

to whisper or shout.


I get up and do things

when your need is for hugs,

and I leave you for ‘years!’

so you chew up the rugs.


I suppose that you need me

to be at your beck and call;

but I’d quite like a moment,

though you’d like them all.


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