What would happen…? (Revisited)

What would happen

if (and I do say ‘if’)

I did get to Heaven…

and it was full?

Would I have to wait

outside St. Petersgate

in a waiting room?

And what if that waiting room

outside St. Petersgate…

was also full?

Would I have to take a ticket

from a ticket machine

and await my turn?

Await my fate?

And could I wait

all patiently

If the number on my ticket

was twenty-nine trillion…

and seventy-eight?

I do have patience;

but, not the patience of a saint.

What would be my options?

Would the chance of a place in Heaven

be more than faint?

And I did say ‘if’ I went to Heaven.

What, pray tell,

might befall,

if I went the other way?


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