Please read to the end of this poem

Statistics show

that readers only read

on average

to this point.


Then they go and find something

more interesting to do.


Some never even get that far.


Those who persevere

often wonder

if there is something wrong

with themselves.


There probably is.


But, what would I know

about these things?


And how long is a piece

of a rhetorical question?


6 responses to “Please read to the end of this poem

  1. About ——————————-that long. 😉 Thanks for sharing this. I may not always “like” or comment but I always enjoy your posts. Have a very Happy Christmas and a Safe New Safe.

    • Thank you for doing what you do. I truly appreciate in value for every lick and comma.

      May each day be a goood one – which can be sung (or not) in a high falsetto (the only way).

      Wonders to you and yours, Nadelik Lowen, meurastahwi, Tikki Duw. G:) 💚

  2. And when do we get the answer to the question?

  3. Of Lifts, the Omniverbs, and Everestything?

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