When the first magpie discovered how to fly

When the first magpie

discovered how to fly,

he said, ‘This beats walking,

and talking nineteen to the dozen’,

as he flew around the heads

of the other magpies.


He was flying around and around

and then he said,

‘It’s better than walking upon the ground.


One of the magpies said,

to the magpie flying overhead,

‘How do you do?’


‘How do you do?’ replied the flying magpie.


‘No. How do you do,

that thing you do,

up in the air, there?’


‘Well…’ said the flying magpie,

‘I was walking along, I tripped,

and fell,

fell into the air!

I don’t quite know

how I got there –

in a panic I flapped my things;

I think that I

will call them… wings!’


The other magpies continued to look,

and many was the frown,


‘Hmm’, said one magpie to another,

I’m just a little worried,

about how he’s getting down!’


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