Footballers are like the old-fashioned pleasure boats, rowing around a lake.

“Come in number 5, your time is up!”

the call came from the man on the sidelines.

“But, there are two number 5s!” you exclaim.

“The number 5 with a blue sail, not the number 5 with a red sail!” added the man, for clarity.

With a degree of mumbling, and decidedly unhappy, the number 5 craft (with the blue sail) and its occupants headed for the shore.

“That was never half-of-an-hour!” said the man rowing. Number 7 should have come in – he wasn’t even trying to row!”

Number 5 reached the shore, the crew leapt out, and sat on a nearby bench watching the colourful sails that remained ply the lake’s placidity.

Number 7 soon took the row-in calmly, and its pleasure-sailors headed off for their goal of a hot drink and something orange to eat.


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