Avian Chess – the Canaries vs. the Seagulls

The Canaries were playing the Seagulls

in important games of chess;

and, yes, the Canaries were winning the tournament,

the ‘Gulls found it hard to compete;

the Canaries thought eight moves ahead,

the ‘Gulls just thought what they’d eat,

when the games were over and done,

about how they would fly

on the breeze, in the warmth of the noonday Sun;

and so the Canaries whitewashed the ‘Gulls,

winning every pairing, checkmating across the board;

and the ‘Gulls praised their opponents,

but quickly left,

and returned to the sea they adored.


Next week the Canaries are playing the Rooks,

not such an easy match,

for the Rooks like to win,

their opponents dispatch,

and though they don’t cheat –

(a Rook’s not a crook)

they are sure they can easily beat

the Canaries,

for they think they are much wiser,

and they play on the brink;

but the Canaries have a plan,

to win ‘gainst the Rooks,

they’ve been practicing their openings,

and reading chess-masters’ books.


So, it should be a close fought match,

Canaries and Rooks head to head;

and the outcome will be so much closer –

or it’s Seagulls vs. Puffins instead.


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