Charles & David – Sing

David: Charles!

Charles: David!

David: It is you!

Charles: It is indeed: I have been me since I was a very young boy.

David: Thankfully so. Shall we… sing?

Charles: A song?

David: Quite! A classic from the age of elegance?

Charles: No other age would do.

David: Then, let us begin, a one, three, four—

Charles: —two!

David (singing): You’ve got a beautiful chin.

Charles (spoken): Why, thank you.

David (spoken): You are very welcome.

Charles (singing): You’ve got beautiful skin.

David (spoken): I moisturise.

Charles (spoken): It shows.

David (singing): You’ve got a beautiful face.

Charles (spoken): David, are you flirting with me?

David (singing): I’ve got taste.

Charles (spoken): David, is there something that you want to sing to me?

David (spoken): Yes, Charles. (singing): Rabbit.

SFX Dog barking, sound of dog leaping into the sea.

Charles (spoken) You never did like my dog, did you, David?

David (spoken): It was me or him, Charles – me, or him.


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