Saturday Silly

Saturday Silly?

Do you need some silly, this Saturday?

Or seriousness, like a Latter Day Saint.


In the mid-60s,

when I were a lad,

the Beatles ruled the world,

and lyrics turned mad,

causing a knock on wood effect,

all respect to them that did

what they did, when they did it.

Those who had talent

flaunted it,

those who didn’t

hid it

under a bushel of something or other.

The Mamas and the Papas were famous,

less so the Sisters and Brother.

Here, in the twenty-first sentencury,

things are different,

yet much the same.

A changed identity

going about

under an assumed name.

Have you understood any of the above?



I’d hate to be Clarity reborn.

Have a wonderful Saturday morn.


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