Back of the Fridge – SoCS #LindaGHill

Linda G Hill SoCS

SoCS – Back of the Fridge – a 10-minute write

There is a secret door behind the fridge in our kitchen. When, I say it is secret, I mean that, unless you knew, it is not that easy to spot.

For one, there is a large fridge in front of it, positioned there for purpose, and to hide any prying eyes.

For two, the secret door blends in with the wall to the back of the fridge, hiding its existence from any prying eyes.

For three, years now, we had been keeping the secret secret by secretly misdirecting anybody intending to visit the fridge area in the kitchen by telling them that there were monsters under the fridge – monsters that fed upon unwary fridge-visitors.

This might not have worked as well as it did five or six centuries ago, but who doesn’t love keeping a good old family tradition alive?

We, ourselves, have never opened the secret door at the back of the fridge – in fact, we have never moved the fridge, or opened its door.

Well, after you’ve left a fridge and its contents alone fir three years you might find monsters ‘inside’ the fridge!

We are considering bricking up the kitchen, and building a new one to the back of the house – it might be safer. Not that we are superstitious at all – it’s just… well, you know, better safe than sorry.

Update: When we sold the house last year, we forgot to tell the buyers about the secret door behind the back of the fridge – and I think they were only too keen to gut the kitchen and fit a completely new kitchen suite.

The papers have only just stopped asking, ‘Where did the Strathams go?’


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  1. Great story love it 💜💜😵‍💫

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