Tasty Chick Peas Recipe

Tasty Chick Peas Recipe

Chick Peas (drained)
Add 1/2 level tsp of oil, 1 level tsp of paprika, pinch of salt to chick peas in a bowl.
Shake well / stir adequately.
Pop on a baking tray put in a pre-heated electric fan oven (180 degrees c or so)
Bake for 35 mins (shaking at half way (17 mins 30 secs)
Allow to cool.


Note to self: If possible remember to add the oil

Note to others – you can add Cumin or Cayenne Pepper when you add the Paprika (if you like that sort of thing) to the recipe.

You are welcome.

This recipe was remembered from a recipe that I read on the Interweb – you have been warned.

No liability will be held responsible for any outcome incurred by the using of dodgy recipes.

Please go to cookery school for 4 years if you wish to cook proper like.

Thank you.

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