What is a book?

I asked myself, ‘Graeme, What is a book?’

I found a dictionary, took a look,

and under ‘b’ there were a plethora of words:

butterflies, broomsticks, bees, and birds,

and so on;

looking carefully, I found the word, ‘book’,

and in great detail it explained to me:

‘A book is more than life, you see;

without a book, what could you read?’

And, on this point, I most heartily agreed.

‘A book is stories old and new,

some made up, some almost true;

a book is there to make you think,

you read a book, and then you blink,

in wonder’s wide and amazements hue,

in such disbelief, and often fear.’

‘What is a book? I asked myself.

I picked up another book,

to took a look.


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