If Triffids are sentient beings…

If Triffids are sentient beings,

then we just shouldn’t tap them for oil,

they shouldn’t be captive,

or ignored with neglect;

but left free in herds all to roam,

treated with respect,

and with kindness,

and not tethered outside of your home.


For who could not love a Triffid,

with its exuberant, carefree attitude;

and it’s cruel to hurt their feelings,

more than that, it’s rude.


Okay, so they might sting you,

and drink from your body in time,

but a Triffid must do what a Triffid must do,

and it’s natural for them, not a crime.


So, loose the Triffid captives,

untie their tethers and let free,

a Triffid deserves to be able

to sup on its prey for its tea.

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