The opposite of apposite

The opposite of apposite is—

well, I’m not that certain,

but it could be…

a composite of the two?

Like a photo fit

or a camp site—

no, that’s not right…

at all.

The opposite must be…

detectable in a Thesaurus.

Let me look.

Ah! Inappropriate!

I thought it might have been

one of those sorts of words.

Which was found by the use of synonyms

and antonyms – mainly the latter –

which is where you would expect to find

words of that kind.

Perhaps a bit of preparation

Would have helped sort out the above

in a couple of lines.

No wonder I always received overdue library book fines.


One response to “The opposite of apposite

  1. A Side-by-side comparison with a standard is where “appose” transformed to “apposite”. But now both are ruined. Even twins can be different if one was scratched by a cat and the other wasn’t. And then the etymological parents have to decide which twin is their favorite. Kids don’t like that, neither do goats.

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