¿Partly Animal?

What am I?

Partly animal,

mostly something else;

who am I to say

what I am?

Too many questions

for a Sunday morning?

How many – what percentage –

questions are rhetorical?

was that one?

Do you have to answer that?

Do you care?

Is this poetry?

Would I dare?

Are there rhymes?

Is it written in any recognisable poetic form?

Is there a discernible rhythm?

Does it use assonance and dissonance

in the correct quantities?

Does it avoid the mention of Quantum Physics?

Then it probably is a poem?

Did that last line have an unnecessary question mark at the end.

¿Did that last line have a missing question mark?

¿Was that last line written in Spanish?


How much of the above is wrong?

Has this gone on Forfar too long?

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