A dog ate my poetry homework ‘or’ A passing seagull swooped down and carried my poetry homework away

Whichever it was,

I haven’t completed the task

that you did ask,

of writing a poem

upon the subject: Excuses.


But, I must just say,

that it was a great poem –

I must just say that, as it was –

and I spent many short hours of hard graft

in honing it to perfection,

taking the words in the best direction,

and distancing my predilection

to write a Haiku or a Limerick.


However, in absentia,

you’ll just have to take my word for it.

It was probably an A* or higher –

I would be a liar if I said it wasn’t –

and I should go far in Poetry-writing,

inviting comparisons with Blake,

Wordsworth, Maya Angelou,

and some of the other poets that wrote the bestest poems.


So, I await my honours degree, my awards,

my nom de guerre,

and then I shall poet

I know not where.


The sky’s the limit,

the Sun my guiding light,

so please don’t dim it

by failing me.

As I am the bestest,

as I know

you’ll surely agree.


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