Early Morning Poetry Creation (06:49-06:53)

Having said al that

in my last post,

I should also,

at this moment,


warn you about poetry

that is written mid-morning (5-8am).

It can be even worse than late-night words

written when tired,

n that,

the brain, not having woken up,

will be outputting all sorts

of strange thoughts –

none of which should be written down,

or acted upon.

There is a very small window

of tiime

fir the writing of a decent rhyme—

and ‘now’ isn’t it.


2 responses to “Early Morning Poetry Creation (06:49-06:53)

  1. That’s my best time! I can’t see, can’t think, but I can still let the words from the slumbers stream out.
    Not going to say that a few hours later, everything needs a bit of a tidy-up.

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