Too busy?

Too busy?

Too busy putting my writing into books

to write the stuff that will fill future books?

Yes, it does distract the mind from creating new poems or prose

when sorting out older pieces for inclusion

leads to a storybook illusion

that I can multitask across the universe,

and beatle about, whilst employing

my mind

in the writing of new arts of work.

Anyway, one book released to the unknowing world, and the follow up in hand,

I am doing something with some of the thousands of poems and pieces

that I have cobbled together

over the years.

‘Even Wonkier Words’ is progressing, and ‘Wonky Words’ is showing well in the places it has travelled to.

So, I might not be composing, or composting, as much, but it’s about time I did something with my words. And so I am.

See you on the flip side – unless anything amuses my muse before hand.


PS Here is a link to ‘Wonky Words’ if you’d like to check it out. 🙂


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