A single grain of sand

I trekked across the Sahara,

It took me many months;

it’s something that you should try and do,

even if you only do it wonths.


I brought back a single grain of sand

to remind me of that Sandy land,

it was the grain that became embedded in my eye;

I look upon it, by and by.


That grain, apart from all its friends,

howls at night, it never ends,

it misses them, and long will cry,

when it sees a camel…

not passing by.


My grain of sand,

I took it to the beach,

but the beach was not its home;

and the Saharan sands were out of reach,

and it just did not like Frome.


I must go back

to the sand and the sky,

to return the grain that yearns;

I left my Panama hat there,

my umbrella and a sock there,

I know just where to find them,

I know the very rock there

upon which they both were left;

and, if that grain should return

to the place from whence it came;

then, like the pining grain of sand

I shall always feel bereft.


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