No ‘likes’ by 9am

No ‘likes’ by 9am,

and not a ‘view’ in sight;

I’ll have to write a poem,

to try to put that right;

and yesterday was an okay day,

and the day before was fine;

but, it’s been a long, long time

since ‘views’ – eighty nine –

looked in upon my rhyme.

And it’s not the ‘liking’ that counts,

and it’s not the ‘views’ that matter,

it’s knowing that

I’m not alone

that drives my words to chatter.

So, in anticipation of a flurry of ‘views’,

and a smaller flurry of ‘likes’,

I thank you all

for popping by

in your Reeboks and your Nikes.

2 responses to “No ‘likes’ by 9am

  1. Or cruise by on your bikes?🤩

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