Furthermore to my recent correspondence—

Furthermore to my recent correspondence,

I wish to add on an additional few lines.

Firstly, upon the manner of my diatribe

against the subject in contention:

I was wrong, you were right,

life is too short for us to fight

over words – no matter how cleverly they are writ.

Secondly, my portrayal of you,

it was a betrayal of the truth,

as neither of us is still in the prime of youth –

so I’ve been told –

in fact: we are both growing ‘old’.

Thirdly, and lastly,

my referring to you as a fossilised being

was wrong,

seeing as I am more decrepit

in every way than you;

true, I am the younger, by months,

and once ran a marathon;

but that was a long, long,


time ago.

I know, I should think before I speak,

or write,

but, I do so hope

that an apology now

will help to put things right.

Yours, in all humility –

and just a little senility –

simply saying ‘Sorry’.

Edwin Hruth (Mr.)

to Alice Hruth

my dearest twin sister.

11 responses to “Furthermore to my recent correspondence—

  1. I think I’d accept that apology, as long as I could kick him in the shins at the same time!

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