Why do the kids get the choice of the most colourful coats?

I looked

and saw;

I looked once more;

there were blacks and greys,

Navy blues of maritime hues,

and the darkest green

that I had ever seen;

but, never a scarlet, or a yellow,

for such a Tom Bombadil

sort of a fellow

as me?

There were many small-size, crazy colour schemes,

seems like only the kids are allowed to be a vision of bright these days –

restricting me to fifty shades of greys –

what could be duller?

I would really like to make a splash

in a puddle of colour –

powder blue with clouds of white –

such a sight;

I would adorn

crimson stripes

on a field of black;

menacingly worn;

I’d have no lack of choice,

and not be sad,

if anyone would ever hear my voice

and colour me glad.

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