Create a new story form – a ‘68er!

Write a piece that is so long and no longer. Make it short enough to be read I. A single sitting, and yet long enough to require multiples of paragraphs.

Choose a simple format and avoid other existing ones – we don’t need another 99-worder or a ‘Drabble’.

Give it a funky name, something that people can remember. And then sit back and enjoy the acclaim.

Or, not.

2 responses to “Create a new story form – a ‘68er!

  1. 87, and it must be about cricket, cos that’s their unluckiest number – at least, that’s that batters think, and captains, and maybe the wicket-keeper, and possibly even the spectators. 87, and it sounds like such a good number, except when you add each together, you get 15, and add them, you get six, so that’s the Devil’s number, isn’t it? 87, therefore, is the Devil’s number and it bedevils cricket players all over the world. But at least it’s cricket and not rules!

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