Monthly Archives: March 2022

The Sun fooled me, today (Siberian Breeze)

The Sun fooled me, today;

I went out in a T-shirt,

as if it was half-past May;

but, there was a bitter wind

coming across from old Siberia way,

and I began to freeze—


singing: Siberian Breeze,

Siberian Breeze,

cold as ice,

and I’m likely to freeze,

should have wrapped up well,

and as far as I can tell,

I’m freezing my wotsits off

in this Siberian Breeze.

He died too young

He died too young

he died too young

never should’ve died at all

he should have lived forever

never answered the call

never ever answered the call.

We walked around the lake

We walked around the lake:

anti-clockwise, widdershins, the other way round.

We must’ve been going the wrong way round.

Nobody made eye contact.

Nobody spoke.

Nobody said ‘hello’ at all.

However, whichever way we walked around the lake we were happy.

How many wings has a spider got? Eight is it?

How many wings has a spider got?

I thought that in the wings department

a spider had ‘not a lot’

meaning ‘none’;

but, no, it has been pointed out,

without a doubt,

that a spider can fly,

so must have wings,

or some such-like other things.

Bad day at the office

I had a bad day at the office;

but, then again, it ‘was’ thirty years ago,

so, perhaps, I should let it go:

When I was young

When I was young

I never needed egg foo yung…

Now I am old

I need lots of things;

and as I grow older

I shall need a lot more things…

a lot more,

that’s for sure.

A Tell-me-why-ku

Tell me why it is?

Why things are fine as they are,

and all are happy?

We think we think

We think we think – but, do we?

We think we do – but, do we really?

Do we really think?

Knitted Sheep

Knitted sheep in the midday shade

drinking long, tall glasses of cool lemonade

and ice cold tea,

watching the passers-by

passing by…

by and by.

Motte oh!

“Motte oh!”

I wrote ‘Mittwoch!’

and it auto-incorrected

to ‘Motte oh!’

Perhaps Mercedes (Mercredi)

is going to be

that sort of day

for me.