It’s just not Croquet – revisited

“I don’t play ‘Crow-K’

between the month of June

and the month of May,

and only then

if there’s a Saturday

following hard on the heels

of a Tuesday.


And when I ‘do’

play ‘Crow-K’,

the pitch has to be flat,

but slanted at a seventeen degree angle;

and nobody should have a mallet

just a fandangle,

blindfolds would be compulsory,

legs tied together,

and matches only held

in the ‘most’ inclement weather.


If ‘Crow-K’ ‘is’ played

outside of the bounds

of these rules and regulations,

I would esteem the occurrence

to be of no more than sounds

in a void,

and something… to avoid;


saying this, I would like to repeat

a thing I have never uttered before,

that, ‘There is time for ‘Crow-K’

upon the Judgement Day,

and, what is more,

not a day before!’ ”

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